Do you want to join the Sneak Attack Squad Special Forces? We will tell you how very soon. Cole makes his own Nerf Sneak Attack Squad team called the Special Forces. And he sets up an obstacle course with stacks of cups to see if Ethan is fast enough. The obstacle course tests your skill with everything from aiming Nerf blasters to dodging darts! Like us on Facebook: Instagram: Dog Tags! - Submit your pictures to our Instagram or Facebook pages to maybe be picture of the week! Or submit your comments to have a chance to be comment of the week! We love making these videos! If you like them then please subscribe. Other Videos: Sneak Attack Squad Training Part 3! Nerf Battle with Ethan's Mystery Box. Evil Drone Vs. Sneak Attack Squad! Ethan and Cole get in to a Nerf Battle with a Crazy Robot Attack the Castle! Ethan Vs. Cole Nerf Box Fort Battle! Part 2 Playlists: Ethan Vs Cole Nerf Guns Forts/ Bunkers

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