Here is a text guide: Items required: Burnt Meat, Draynor Manor Cabbage, and Garlic Optional Items: Your own axe + pickaxe and food Text Guide: Speak to the Easter Bunny Enter the Rabbit Hole Speak to Chocco Exit the Rabbit Hole and speak to Malignius Mortifer Speak to Malignius once again to receive a Growth Potion Return to Chocco Take a pickaxe and mine some chocolate Climb down the rope Head through the northern hole Answer the Gods quiz (I chose Saradomin) Maze guide - West South East North Exit maze - East East First colour is 2nd. Second colour is 1st. Third is 3rd. Take egg mould and create egg on the Cooking Range Return to Chocco Place the egg on the display Return to Chocco Defeat the chicken Return to Chocco Defeat the Mother Chicken by destroying the various pillars within the room Return to Chocco to complete the event! This guide was created using my level 3 free to play hardcore ironman, Graham Lvl 3

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