Hi everyone! Here are some more of the song scenes from A Star is Born! Black Eyes https://youtu.be/ebwyzTLPwq8 Somewhere Over the Rainbow https://youtu.be/F78zS8_b6nI La Vie En Rose https://youtu.be/tZ7Gb-osYXs Maybe It’s Time https://youtu.be/DHjxrdvmmQE Shallow (Parking Lot Version) https://youtu.be/tU0EShY2-t8 Out of Time / Alibi https://youtu.be/QGS0HWMSO20 Shallow https://youtu.be/dNxCz-Iyu0g Alibi / Maybe It’s Time (Reprise) https://youtu.be/zCC_TkK1OVo Always Remember Us This Way https://youtu.be/UuHZxKbcmWo Look What I Found https://youtu.be/VyYMzzbxdUw Heal Me https://youtu.be/9UsA46cxDOs Why Did You Do That? https://youtu.be/8jnjiQTIdBk Pretty Woman https://youtu.be/j1fqVV27GZQ I’ll Never Love Again https://youtu.be/35i2s8TU6tU

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