FINALLY! I finished the perimeter walls of my Bushcraft Camp/Shelter. The set up is starting to look awesome now. Got a log seat, a-frame shelter, chopping log, bushcraft table, fire reflectors and of course the walls! It was -6 degrees overnight and when I started out in the morning it was around -3 degrees. It warmed up in the afternoon but didn't get much higher than freezing. Beautiful weather too which was handy! I also cooked some food over the firebox wood burning stove. In the next camp update I plan to get the second shelter/log store build and complete the first shelter. Thanks for all of your support on this journey, please leave some feedback in the comment section and watch some of the other bushcraft camp update videos :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More Bushcraft Videos videos: Camp Update 5 - Camp Update 3 - Camp Update 2 - Camp Update 1 - BUSHCRAFT PLAYLIST: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CAMERA & FILMING GEAR I USE: Main Camera: Canon 550d Secondary Camera: Tripod: Microphone: BUSHCRAFT GEAR I USE: My Backpack: Folding Saw: Sharpening Stone: Firesteel: Shemagh: These are amazon associate links -----------------------------------SOCIAL MEDIA------------------------------------------------ Facebook → ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Check out our other YouTube Channel: TOTALLY AWESOME FISHING:

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